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CS6 Compression Calf Sleeve is an advanced medical device for recovery, ortho-support and venous insufficiency. The patent pending compression zone technology used in the CS6 improves circulation, supports muscle stability and aids in recovery.

CS6 features our Easy-On Fit designed to be worn under socks, alone, or paired with the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve.

Benefits of CS6

Soft, Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Wear Comfortably Under Socks for Extra Support

Wear While Walking, Running or Workouts for Extra Protection

Aids Recovery,  Supports Muscle Stability

Improves Circulation, Increases Circulation

Invented in the USA,  FDA and MHRA Listed Medical Device

CE Approved,  Latex Free

Your choice of sizes,  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it Works

CS6 has 6 zones of compression built into each sleeve that supports the lower leg and increases circulation for faster recovery.

CS6 applies gradient compression to the outer body to compress the veins and increase the flow of “spent or used” blood back to the heart. This will help improve the efficiency of returning oxygen and nutrients to the body, especially where needed for healing and better muscle performance. The CS6 Compression Zone Technology also provides stabilization zones for extra protection of the Achilles area and the larger muscle tissue in the calf, preventing cramps, shin splints, and tendonitis pain.

Who Wears CS6: People from all walks of life use the CS6 and benefit from the use of compression calf sleeves.

Sports enthusiasts and athletes,  CS6 supports muscle stability, improves circulation and aids recovery for active individuals.

People trying to keep an exercise routine:  CS6 stimulates circulation for enhanced performance and healing, muscle stabilization for reduced injury and support.

People prescribed to wear compression hosiery: With medical grade support in an easy-on fit, CS6 solves the problem of hard to use heavy and unattractive compression socks and hosiery.

CS-6 Calf Compression Sleeve

CS-6 Calf Compression Sleeve
CS-6 Calf Compression Sleeve
CS-6 Calf Compression Sleeve
CS-6 Calf Compression Sleeve